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Social Media Marketing Uses

Our data-driven expertise in social media marketing can help you reach target demographics and turn customers into advocates. Avoid common mistakes by leveraging our B2C and B2B services.

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WHY US For Social Media Marketing

maximize conversions

Optimize conversions with digital and social media marketing. Drive search traffic, improve SEO, and boost customer engagement through a well-executed social media plan.

Website Exposure

Social media marketing is a powerful resource for businesses. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram boost exposure and generate interest, if used the right way. A strong content strategy drives engagement and social signals, connecting you with a larger online community.

Ranking high on google

Search engines like Google and Bing consider social media interactions, such as updates, Tweets, profiles, and comments, in their search results. Sharing your content on social media platforms drives more website traffic and improves search engine rankings.

social media audience targeting

Valuable content must reach the right audience. Social media marketing helps identify ideal customers based on demographics and online behavior. Our expertise analyzes your niche market to create targeted content and ads that cater to their needs.

Reach more customers

With a robust social media marketing strategy, you can boost your brand awareness and position your company in front of the right customers.

Brand reputation marketing

Get complete control over your branding, budget, and social media content marketing strategy. By learning how to use social media for marketing, you can develop and maintain a brand image that resonates with your target audience and ensures that your B2B or B2C social media marketing is always effective.

Increased Profit Margins

Cost-effective social media marketing reaches ideal clients globally. Showcase products/services without high expenses. Our expertise offers tips for online presence and industry authority.

social media marketing promotion process

Progression Agency employs a social media marketing promotion process to create successful campaigns that achieve optimal outcomes. Below is a step-by-step overview of our tailored web design and development process:

Starting Phase
– Conduct market research to understand your target audience and choose the right social media platforms.

– Establish a strong presence on the selected platforms.

-Analyze audience behavior to tailor your social media strategy accordingly.
Implementation Phase
– Create engaging content to connect with your audience. Engage with followers and collect data through interactions.

– Use targeted social media ads for maximum ROI and data.

– Maintain brand consistency across platforms for a strong identity.
Adjustment Phase
– Collaborate with influencers to expand your brand reach.

– Optimize social media pages for visual appeal and information.

– Use data to optimize ads and conduct A/B tests for effectiveness.
Enhancement Phase

– Analyze campaign results further using social media analytics tools to measure the success of your campaigns and identify areas for improvement.

– Optimize your social media campaigns based on analytics by adjusting your strategy, content, and targeting to achieve your business objectives, and scale

Social media User Experience

Social media management involves creating, scheduling, and evaluating content on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. It includes engaging with followers and monitoring user experience for reputation and customer satisfaction.

paid for social media advertising

We offer flexible pricing structures to suit your needs, including options that incorporate your advertising spend or other customized arrangements.

Best Uses of Social Media Advertising

Audience Targeting

Social media advertising, or social media targeting, involves placing targeted ads on social media platforms to drive audience action. It offers precise audience segmentation and hyper-targeting capabilities to maximize ROI.

Targeted Ads

Social media advertising targets specific audiences on social platforms to increase brand awareness and drive action. It maximizes ROI through precise audience segmentation and hyper-targeting, surpassing organic social media marketing.

Social Media Ad Creatives

We can create visually appealing ad creatives that capture the attention of social media users, making them more likely to engage with your ad and remember your brand.

Social Media Ad Placements

We strategically place ads to maximize brand exposure during peak hours and on relevant pages. Our retargeting ads engage those already interested in your brand, increasing their likelihood of interaction with the ad.

Social Media Retargeting Ads

We use retargeting ads to reach people who have already shown interest in your brand. By retargeting them properly, they are much more likely to engage with your ad with a lot more buyer intent.

Ad Analytics

We can track and analyze the performance of your social media ads by implementing conversion tracking. This allows us to make data-driven decisions.

Our Social Media Marketing

Audience targeting
Social media advertising allows you to target specific audiences based on various demographic and behavioral characteristics. This ensures that your ads are seen by the people who are most likely to be interested in your products or services.
Content Creation
This involves creating content, such as text, images, and videos, to be shared on social media platforms.
Campaign optimization
Social media advertising campaigns require constant monitoring and adjustment to ensure optimal performance. This includes analyzing campaign data and making changes to targeting, ad creative, and budget to improve results.
Platform selection
Choosing the right social media platforms for your business is crucial. Different platforms have different user demographics, features, and advertising options, so it’s important to choose the ones that best align with your marketing goals and target audience.

why is Social Media Marketing important?

eMarketer Study

According to a study by eMarketer, 84% of marketers said that they have used social media to increase their brand exposure, and 64% said that social media is a crucial part of their marketing strategy. The study also found that social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate compared to outbound marketing, highlighting the effectiveness of social media in generating leads and converting them into sales.
Pew Research Center Study
A report by Pew Research Center found that 71% of social media users are more likely to purchase from a brand they follow on social media. This demonstrates the importance of building a strong social media presence and engaging with followers to increase brand loyalty and drive sales.
Hootsuite Study
A study by Hootsuite found that social media advertising can increase brand awareness by 20%, website traffic by 13%, and conversions by 4%. The study also revealed that social media ads are the most cost-effective way to reach a large audience, with an average cost of $0.50 per thousand impressions (CPM).
GlobalWebIndex Study
A report by GlobalWebIndex found that 54% of social media users use social media to research products. By having a strong presence on social media, brands can provide valuable information about their products and services, and engage with potential customers.
Sprout Social Study
A study by Sprout Social found that 83% of consumers like when brands respond to their comments on social media. This highlights the importance of engagement on social media, and the impact it can have on building brand loyalty.
Hubspot study
According to a report by Hubspot, social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing. This suggests that social media marketing is an effective way to generate leads and drive conversions.
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